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Educational project

La Salle's educational project

At La Salle we have a pedagogical style focused on the person and their human and intellectual development. Our educational project is based on four fundamental pillars:



We work in an integrative environment in which we attend to the particular needs of our students.

Innovative pedagogical style

Under constant analysis and renewal by our team of experts.


in values

We provide people with comprehensive training through responsibility, justice, coexistence, transcendence and interiority.

Technological and practical learning

We are committed to the use of technology to prepare our students for new challenges of the future.
Educational project

New Learning Context

The New Learning Context (NCA) is a pedagogical and pastoral framework, with its own identity, which presents a clear organizational, methodological and evaluative proposal, which gives full meaning to the education of the person by comprehensively addressing its emotional, cognitive, bodily, social or spiritual dimensions, in the course of the different stages of its development. The student becomes the protagonist of his own learning.

Pedagogical principles of the NCA:

The inner life is important, which is why we care about developing the human quality that unites spirituality and personality.

Spaces and movement are essential in cognitive development. We break with the traditional classroom, promoting creativity and learning.

Thinking can be educated and the school must encourage moments of individual and collective reflection.

The student generates independent learning habits and the school helps to build natural and individual learning processes as a non-transferable experience.

We learn to be respectful of others and to enrich ourselves by participating in social and cultural practices.

Visit the La Salle micro-site to learn more about the NCA:
Educational project

Own character

The Personal Character includes our main identity traits, where our desire to improve society through education is expressed and where the principles that give meaning to our mission as educators are included . It aims to be, above all, an invitation for the entire Educational Community to feel involved in the education of children and young people.

  • At the service of the person. The La Salle Center is an area of ​​learning and development of people, of all their creative potential, both in their individual and social dimensions. Educators exercise their mediating role between the student and learning, facilitating the acquisition of basic skills and knowledge, procedures and attitudes for their harmonious development, and responsible and critical incorporation into society .
  • With a proposal of Values. The Educational Community encourages students to adopt a positive, free and determined attitude towards our proposed values, so that they can guide their lives with full meaning.
La Salle Gràcia

The institution

La Salle is currently present in 82 countries across five continents. About 5,000 Brothers and more than 70,000 teachers and collaborators work in our schools, attending to the training of nearly 900,000 pupils and students of all ages and conditions in more than a thousand Lasallian centers: from kindergartens in primary, secondary, high school, training courses, 73 university centers, radio stations, especially in Peru, emergency telephones for young people in danger in Australia, technical schools in Muslim countries, such as Jordan or Shinto in Japan … Currently the Hall has more than 10,000,000 alumni around the world.

Also under the Lasallian charism, two religious institutions have been born: the Guadalupan Sisters of La Salle and the Lasallian Sisters who are present in a dozen countries.

All over the world and also very close to you. In Catalonia, La Salle has a network of 23 schools, two university faculties, the La Salle Foundation which ensures the continuity of the schools and the Comtal Foundation which coordinates various experiences with young people at risk of social marginalization and young immigrants. Approximately one thousand teachers and collaborators work there, serving around 22,000 students.

Educational project

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