School services

Dining room


At La Salle Gràcia we understand the dining service as an educational space and, therefore, with well-defined objectives on two sides: meals and leisure. Transversally to these blocks of the educational proposal, in both spaces, dining room and recreation time, we work from an active pedagogy in order to enhance coexistence, respect, values ​​and autonomy of children and young people.

The menus are prepared daily in the school kitchen with the advice of the company Revisa in terms of food safety and the preparation of the menus. We also prepare menus for students with various intolerances or allergies. All the menus are prepared by a dietitian and pass the health checks of the public health agency of Barcelona.

Both the dining area and the leisure area are supervised by a team of monitors.

Speech therapy

La Salle Gràcia offers the speech therapy service that diagnoses, assesses and works to correct difficulties in the students’ pronunciation. This service is designed for kindergarten students and the first years of primary school and is channeled by tutors.

Extracurricular activities


Extracurricular activities are a good tool to complete the training of children and young people. Being able to choose them allows you to work and develop the multiple intelligences of each individual based on interests, needs or capabilities, with the aim of developing them to the maximum.

Participation in extracurricular activities offers a form of socialization outside the formal context of school and family, it favors the relationship between equals, tolerance, the acceptance of other points of view, the consolidation of values ​​such as cooperation, respect for each other and the basic rules of behavior in peer environments. A whole learning for life!

At La Salle Gràcia we offer a very wide range of extracurricular activities in various fields from P3 to 2nd year of baccalaureate.

La Salle Gràcia

Sports club

A comprehensive education includes education for health, physical activity and nutrition as pillars of training for life.

The La Salle Gràcia Sports Club offers a range of extracurricular activities in the sports field where sport is practiced based on the values ​​contained in the Lasallian Character: friendship, responsibility, teamwork, respect and coexistence

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